ARC : appel à projets TRANSCAN JTC 2022

The aim of the ERA-NET TRANSCAN 3 network is to promote a transnational collaborative approach between scientific teams in demanding areas of translational cancer research.

The European partners pursue this aim in 2022 while launching a second Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (JTC 2022) that will focus on :

” Novel translational approaches to tackle the challenges of hard-to-treat cancers from early diagnosis to therapy ”

Some hard-to-treat-cancers (HTTC) are characterized by very poor prognosis (5-year survival rate <25%), for which survival has not improved significantly over the last decades : namely glioblastoma, oesophageal, pancreatic, gallbladder, liver and lung/pleural cancers.

Current difficulties include the inadequacy of standard diagnostic tools or established early detection methods in the general population, but also the inefficacy of available treatment options, due to intrinsic resistance and/or ineffective drug delivery.

Tackling the manifold challenges presented by HTTC is a key priority in the translational cancer research area, to ensure a higher quality of life for cancer patients. The JTC 2022 aims to support research projects focusing on crucial areas, such as early detection and diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, according to the three following aims:

  • Identification and validation of novel early diagnostic approaches.
  • Identification and validation of novel therapeutic approaches.
  • Developing novel drug delivery systems for HTTC by achieving site-specific targeting and/or controlling release rate.

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